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We all know there is nothing quite as relaxing as a visit to a day spa for a massage, facial or pedicure. However for most this is an occasional indulgence. In this series we’ve asked our experienced spa therapists for their DIY tips and tricks to achieve that same spa relaxation feeling at home.

In our first post of the series, Fiona, the Spa Manager at The Mineral Spa, Peppers Mineral Springs, shares her tips for the perfect ‘home-spa date’.

For starters, what is your favourite spa treatment you treat yourself to?

If I can find the time, I’ll always choose a ritual – something that goes for at least 90 minutes long, combining a facial and a massage and a scrub or mud wrap.

What are the benefits of this treatment?

I think putting aside a little longer is really beneficial as it allows you to thoroughly switch off.

For our readers, how would you best DIY this treatment at home?

Well it’s hard to give yourself a massage! But a salt and almond oil scrub works wonders for a DIY body exfoliation and taking the time to do a proper facial double cleanse, exfoliation, mask and hydration is well worth it.


Salt and Almond Oil Scrub

In a resealable glass jar combine:

Finely textured sea salt

- Almond Oil (gentle and smells delicious)

- Optional – add a scented essential oil like lavender or rose

Note – you still want the scrub to be mostly dry, so only a small amount of almond oil is needed.


Part of the spa experience is also the relaxing surroundings, how could you create this feeling of calm at home?

Dim the lights and put your phone out of earshot. An oil burner or candle plus some quiet music should set the mood perfectly.

Do you have any other tips or tricks for general well-being to share with our readers?

I’m particularly keen on leaving any screens, including the phone, out of the bedroom for a gentler wind down at the end of each day. Plus a long soak in the bath at least once a week, particularly during the cooler months.

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Fiona Craig | Spa Manager | The Mineral Spa

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