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Nick Stock, Award-winning Wine Critic
Nick Stock - Award-winning Wine Critic

Nick Stock - Award-winning Wine Critic

I get asked all sorts of questions about wine but, more often than not, I get asked questions about how to get the most enjoyment from each and every bottle.

One of my motto's with wine is “drink less and drink better” and that’s the first step in creating a really memorable wine experience.

One of the easiest ways to tap into great wine is through dinners and tasting events, where bottles of rare and expensive wines are usually opened, giving you the chance to taste things you might not be able to get your hands on. This might mean tasting a bottle of a winemaker’s best parcel or the chance to taste something that’s well and truly outside the comfort zone in terms of price.

Events like the Peppers Wine Wars series that we stage across a number of Peppers properties give you the chance to meet winemakers first hand, taste their best wines and also compare wines against each other. Instead of seeing one wine at a time, you’ll see different wines side-by-side. You’ll be surprised how quickly you learn to taste the differences in wine when you can compare them against each other.

"...a $15 bottle of wine can suddenly look like a $50 bottle if you get it right!"


Also, if you’re making an effort to find better wines you’ll get a lot more enjoyment from them if you take the time to serve them in good glassware. There are many, many brands of wine glasses around but the basic rule of wine glassware is that size really does matter!

A good sized glass will give a wine the space it needs to open up and show its full range of aromas, as well as give it the chance to “breathe” which means it will deliver a full range of flavours and a more complete impression, the real deal. If you serve a good wine in a great glass you really see it at its absolute best and a $15 bottle of wine can suddenly look like a $50 bottle if you get it right!

I hope you try these easy ideas to get the most enjoyment from your next bottle of wine.

Cheers and see you at Peppers!

Nick Stock

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